The pigs are here!

Hello there. We are excited to announce that we have added six new registered breeding stock Kunekune pigs to our herd. This six pack traveled all the way from warm, sunny California to our currently snowy state of Maine. That was a very long trip and extreme climate change for them. However these pigs are built strong and recovered from the trip in no time. All six of our new herd members have the USA herd stamp on their registry papers being that they were bred by Lori Enright of Olde Reminisce Farms. We couldn't be more honored to own her beautiful, strong, award winning genetics here at GHF farm. Stay tuned as we continue to share our journey back to farming.

Bloodlines include: Rona, Rebecca Gina, and Jenny sow lines. Ru, Tutaki, and Tuarhuru boar lines.

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